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Areas of the house that is more prone to the development of germs, bacteria, and viruses need good housekeeping services. There are certain rooms that need a high priority on a house cleaning list. According to WebMD, the dirtiest rooms of a home are the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen harbors more germs and bacteria

The kitchen harbors more germs, bacteria, and potential viruses than any other room in the house. The filthiest item in a kitchen is a sponge. Kitchen sponges can carry more germs than any single item in an entire home, so housekeepers Los Angeles should frequently change their sponges. Using a dirty sponge on multiple services and countertops causes cross contamination. Additionally, other places high in germ and bacteria include refrigerator door handles, stove handles, trash cans, faucet handles, and anywhere that is frequently touched by hands.

Dirty room in most homes is the bathroom

Another incredibly dirty room in most homes is the bathroom. Most people assume that professional cleaners should focus most of their attention on the toilet, but this isn’t true. Although the toilet should be a high priority on a housecleaning list, housekeeping Los Angeles should focus more attention on and around the bathroom sinks.

The highest incidence of germs occurs both in and around bathroom sinks. Housekeepers Los Angeles should pay special attention to this area in the bathroom and keep an eye out for mold, mildew, and grime, which are all breeding grounds for germs. Some experts recommend cleaning the bathroom at least every two or three days to minimize bacteria and prevent infection.

All Door Knobs Cleaning

All doorknobs throughout the home should be sanitized on a regular basis. Cleaning the doorknobs once a week reduces germs and can keep a family healthier. It isn’t just doorknobs that need to be cleaned. Any area that is frequently touched by family members should be sanitized. For example, computer keyboards, remote controls, and even light switches should be disinfected.

Broad Range of Products

There are a number of products that are ideal for disinfecting a home. Professional cleaners have a broad range of products to choose from, but certain products are great staples for any cleaning arsenal. One of the most powerful and well known disinfectants is bleach. Many professional housekeepers Los Angeles use bleach to make sure that a home is safe from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Also, healthcare facilities use chlorine bleach solutions to protect patients against viruses such as the flu. It’s important for professional cleaners for housekeeping Los Angeles to remember that although bleach is a great disinfectant, it isn’t a great cleaner.

Natural Disinfectants: Housekeepers Los Angeles

Natural disinfectants against germs include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and tea tree oil. Vinegar is a great natural disinfectant that can be used to evict most germs and bacteria from surfaces and counter tops. Vinegar is an excellent product to clean greasy ovens, dishwashers, and glassware. Hydrogen peroxide is another non toxic cleaner that is great for wiping down kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Keeping the kitchen and bathroom at the top of the housekeeping services is a smart way to keep the entire household healthy. Both the kitchen and bathroom play a key role in home life. It’s vital that these rooms are clean to help a family stay safe from harmful bacteria in housekeeping Los Angeles.